Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pamper Thyself

I'm a firm believer that every now and then, we must pamper ourselves. When I first started working--way back when--and I started to get my first regular paychecks ever, I would go out on every pay day and find some little treat for myself. Something that I perhaps didn't exactly need but something that I could now afford to buy. Something that just made me feel good.

One of our regular customers, Carolyn the younger (as opposed to Carolyn the elder, our most regular patron who comes in for lunch every day), has been going through one of those rough patches that life often hands us, and decided that she needed just exactly one of those frivolous pampers. She'd been eyeing this beautiful bone china tea set for some time. Teapot, sugar and creamer, 2 cups and saucers, 2 gold demi spoons with rose design, and a silver tray upon which to display the lovely set. I admit it was my all time favorite set and had a notion that if it didn't sell, I'd be able to take it home for myself some day, but I was glad when she decided that it would go home with her.

She couldn't afford to pay for it all at once, so for the last few months she'd been making installments that I have kept for her in an envelope at my desk. And I put a SOLD sign on it so that no one else could walk off with her treasure. I would not be able to get this tea set again. The sad thing about bone china is, that it may soon be a thing of the past. Many of the factories in England are closing because of the economy and the reduced popularity of such pretties. Fine china used to be a must for every bride to begin to collect for the china cabinet. Now, there are many who know of nothing but clunky, practical stoneware dishes. But, I digress.

Today Carolyn made the last installment. I carefully packed her treasured pieces to make sure they made it home safely. She lingered over lunch, and I could sense a joy that would perhaps overcome the troubles of her recent past. She described to me the decor of her home and the room where her new china would be lovingly displayed on an old sawn oak buffet and how the contrast would make her treasured tea set stand out all the more.

She was happy. Happier than we've seen her in quite a while. And that made us happy. Food for thought: Every once in awhile, Pamper Thyself!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet story. I'm saddened by hearing of the demise of bone china. It's not my own fancy since I'm a single male but I still have some sentiment that this important era of tea history be not forgotten and forsaken. --Spirituality of Tea