Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our New Location

We've Done It!!!
Finally, the move to our new location on Monroe Street is completed!  We are so happy with the outcome!  Our register area has a new addition--a blown up photo of the colorful tea pluckers in a tea field from our journey to Sri Lanka.  So, everyone who comes into the shop gets a preview of that beautiful tea-land. 
The entire shop seems to be a mirror image of the old one, so I'm having to move left where I used to move right, but everything is fresh and clean, bright and beautiful, so it's all good!  Here's a peek of our expanded tea wall which now has almost 150 different teas and room for expansion, the new tea bar, and our "Tea Cottage" which houses tea tins ready for refills in the service area. So, if you find yourself in the area, please check out our new space, munch on our home-made, made-from-scratch scones and, of course, pick a nice cup of tea from the largest selection of premium teas in the Midwest.