Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Change of Seasons

Autumn is fully in the air! I love this time of year when things begin to slow down from summer's load of activities. Oh, there are plenty of things to do, such as attending the Apple Butter Festival, visiting local orchards, and just going for car rides to be once again awestruck by the beautiful colors of nature we see in this part of the country. The other night, my hubby and I had the last ice cream cone of the year. He gets out his lawn tractor and attaches the leaf collector contraption on the back, and becomes leaf farmer until first snow. We're losing interest in things cold and refreshing, and gaining interest in things warm, comforting and cozy. I'm anziously awaiting snuggling up to the first fire in the fireplace.
I'm in the mood for the spicy and heavier teas at this time of year. Chai and Warm Winter Blend with it's fruity, spicy goodness. And, this change of season also brings changes for the shop. While we suspended most of our food service for the dreadfully slow summer, things always pick up for us in the fall. And this year, we are able to bring back our luncheon food service. We hope to have everything up and running by November 1st, so watch for more details in future blogs.