Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sri Lanka - A Tea Paradise

Whew!  It's been a long time since I've blogged!  We've been to Sri Lanka and back and what a tour that was!  We visited 4 different tea estates and saw many of the island's wonders, like all the animals on safari--water buffalo, elephants, leopards, beautiful birds, peacocks, wild boar and monkeys.  We visited a spice garden and batik factory, and stayed at many wonderful hotels along the Indian Ocean. 
The people are so lovely there.  Warm, gentle, friendly, and as un-stressed a population as I've ever seen.  It was in the balmy 80's every day.  We had a light afternoon rain on only one day, when we saw a rainbow end-to-end while driving up into the mountains to visit one of the high-grown estates. 
The food was interesting---hot spicy curry in everything!  Because of the British influence of the island's history, there were some bland, more western selections too.  And of course, tea!  Lots and lots of fresh Ceylon tea.  Every meal, every meeting, every gathering whatever the reason was punctuated with tea.  That suited us just fine, of course. 
I promise to write more later, and post more photos as time permits.  We are moving our shop soon to a new location.  Like many small businesses, downsizing and belt tightening is essential for our long term survival, and so, we'll be very busy over the next few months preparing our new digs for a grand opening.  We'll keep you posted.
Photos Copyright January 2010 by Phil and Elaine Terman