Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sitting at my desk having my morning cup of tea, and thoroughly enjoying the fall nip in the air.  The leaves in the stand of trees across the street are just starting to turn, and it is sunny, crisp, and beautiful.  Iced teas are all but forgotten, and I'm loving the warmth and comfort I get from a nice steaming cup of tea. 

I got distracted by a couple of customers, and my Dragonwell sat in the press for about 30 minutes. Ruined, I thought!  But, I wasn't going to throw out this exceptional organic tea, so I decided to drink it anyway.  Besides, I thought, all the antioxidants must be steeped out by now and I'll get them all in one cup.  So, I tasted--and, surprisingly, not bad.  A hint of bitter, but nothing like I expected, and still quite drinkable.

As I look around the shop, I catch the display of my custom t-shirts we have designed over the years.  The 1st has a large contemporary heart design and says "W.O.W.! (Wild Orchid Woman)" for our brand Wild Orchid Teas and "Wild Women don't get the blues." under the heart. The 2nd has a woman steaming in a hot spring and has the famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote: "A woman is like a teabag... you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water."  And the 3rd one is our first design with a cheery tea lady wielding her teapot, and it says: "This isn't your Grandmother's Tea Room!"  All fun, and a great way to celebrate tea when casual attire is in order.  If anyone has an interest, please call the shop at 419-885-1515 for pricing and sizes available.