Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Acts Part 2

Today we witnessed another of those Random Acts of Kindness. It was just an ordinary day otherwise. Moderately busy, where everyone came in for lunch at the same time. Murphy's Law of tea rooms, I guess. Challenging, but we just love it when the tea room is full of lovely lunchtime chatter. And today it was.

Of course, among the lunchers was our most loyal customer, Carolyn the Elder. And across the room was another woman eating by herself. We often get women who are by themselves. They are comfortable at our place. It's quiet, and no one stares or cares that they are by themselves. While we do get some male clientele, it's mostly women, and that makes for a comfortable lunch spot for the single diner. I often see customers at different tables chatting with each other--something you rarely, if ever, see at other restaurants.

At any rate, the other single lady pulled me aside as I served her apricot scones. She explained that she wanted to buy lunch for Carolyn the Elder, even though she could tell that Carolyn didn't need anyone to buy lunch for her. It was just something she was moved to do. And we were not to tell Carolyn until after she had paid and left the shop.

So, this got me to thinking. What random act of kindness can I do for someone else. Who might really need a bit of cheering up? And I thought of this guy in my Monday morning yoga class at the Victory Center. Not only has he survived cancer, but he was recently in a serious bicycle accident that left him with many months of recovery. I can't even imagine experiencing two such intense traumas back-to-back. At first we sent cards from the class, and the instructor who knew him the best went to see him several times. But now, in those long and lingering months of physical therapy, pain, and frustration (how long would it be before he might be able to return to our yoga class he loved so much?), he probably really needed a boost.

I decided a cheery basket of goodies would be just the ticket. So, next Monday I will take a big basket, started off with a few tea goodies, into the yoga class. I will invite others to add some goodies of their own until it is filled to the brink. Then, our instructor can take it to him just to let him know we are still thinking of him and are encouraging him through this most difficult journey.

That's what life is really all about. One of my favorite quotes, which we set at each place in the tea room as 'food for thought', is from Jewel, the singer/songwriter. "Only kindness matters." I must remember to do these things more often. We get so busy with the day-to-day in these crazy times where everyone is experiencing some sort of overload, and forget these random acts of kindness or think that we do not have time for them. I believe they enrich our own souls as much as they bring joy to the receiver of our acts. So, take a moment and think: who can I bring some joy to today?

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Anonymous said...

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