Friday, July 17, 2009

This isn't your Grandmother's Tea Room!

Well, here it is--July already! It has been a beautiful summer with moderate temperatures and lots of sunshine--a much needed commodity in this neck of the woods. And the graces above have smiled on us in several ways.
First, with all the economic upheaval, our business is doing better than ever! Our customers just love our Chef's culinary creations. Besides a healthy, mostly organic, some gluten free, and low-fat menu, each plate created is also a delight for the eyes. Our customers have lots of fun and frivolity, and so we've come up with our new advertising slogan: This isn't your Grandmother's Tea Room! My take on the tea biz has always been tea first, good food, great customer relations, and lots of fun stuff to shop for. I've never wanted anything stuffy or formal, so we thought that the new slogan and graphic fit us quite well.

We also think that with the economic downturn, more people are staying close to home, travelling less, looking for local pleasures and treasures to explore. We seem to fit right into that category and we are so thankful for the increased business. We're so grateful to be able to share our healthy teas and food and our new relaxing picket-fenced garden spot right outside our front door. Photos to follow as soon as I get them downloaded from the camera.

Hope you're having as good a summer as we are, and don't forget to ice down all your favorite teas for some thirst-quenching summertime treats.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear your business is doing well. It sounds like just the kind of food I'd like if only I could eat out like that myself. I like the healthier fare, light on calories but big on the modern touch. --Jason