Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's always so difficult to believe that another year has flown by. We just got through the Christmas rush, and here, only a week later, it's already the new year (well, soon!). But today was a great way to end 2008. We had a delightful day in the shop. Kind-of quiet for the first few hours, then, several groups of ladies came in for tea, and the place was suddenly alive with chatter and laughter. One of the ladies was a former restaurateur of one of Toledo's most well known restaurants. She and her whole group had a wonderful time and were most complimentary about their experience at the shop. When someone knows the food business so well, compliments always mean a little bit more. I know they totally understand how challenging it can be at times.

The other group had never been in before, and were fairly newbies to tea. They loved our tea so much, they each took some home, and I know they'll be back. I just love it when I can turn someone new on to tea. I was able to share some of the finer nuances of tea and preparation with them. They asked many questions, and with our huge selection of teas, they each found several to start off their new years with. And I got to talk about my favorite subject for about a half hour--always a treat for me!

One lady, somewhere along the long line of the day's conversations, mentioned that she'd heard a report from one of Toledo's noted astrologers who predicts an economic upswing and a very positive 2009 for area businesses. Well, I have a few things to say about that:
Thank the Lord!
Happy New Year!
I lift my cup!


Anonymous said...

I hope the prediction comes true for you and you get more business. Has it started happening yet? And I'm glad you got a compliment from a food expert. --Jason

Elaine said...

Yes, thankfully business has picked up! See latest post. Thanks!