Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birth of a Tearoom -- Part 2

It's slooooow going, but we are making progress!

After scraping the floor in preparation for the linoleum tiles, the support wall was installed for the tea bar counter top.  Then the opening in the wall to the back room had to be filled in.
 And the walls in the tea service were painted with a paint color named--I kid you not--Teatime! 


 And after that, the tea bar could be mounted in place.
I can almost see the bar stools and tea sippers now!

Then the tea prep counter and cupboards went in and the floor was able to be laid.  
The slat wall to hold those 1000+ bags of tea waiting to be bagged has gone up too! 
And later this week, my two best workmen in the world will put up the tea cottage which houses the tea tins for tea service. 
The visions that have been floating in my head are actually starting to take form, and slowly, slowly, we are making a tea room.  I keep reminding myself--it's the slow and steady turtle that won the race. 


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

So good to see the progress!

Elaine said...

Thanks, Linda. It sure feels good from my side of things!