Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birth of a Tea Room -- Part 3

Tea Shop in a Box!
 Since we had to vacate our old shop before we found the new one, we had to pack up the shop and stuff it in our garage and garden shed.  It's a jumbled nightmare!  But we've begun to dig out and started to create the basic structure at the new location.  Not sure every fixture will fit in the smaller space on Sylvania Ave., but it looks like most of the critical pieces will. 

The Tea Cottage is hung on the wall.  My new desk is all put together.  This weekend we moved most of the furniture, and are still tweaking to find the best fit.  But it's exciting to see the space starting to fill. TeaMan, Phil, takes a much needed tea break while we waited for the downpour outside to let up!  Thankfully we got everything inside before the rains came. 

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