Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tea Time Days Are Here Again

We're comfortably back in the groove again. Well, except for those few boxes of stuff that you always have after moving.  Where did it come from?  How did all of this fit in the old place? 'Cause I sure can't find room for it here! 

But, for the most part, days are back to normal.  Unlock door.  Plug in water urns.  Set up computer.  Turn on scale.  Check out stock that came in yesterday.  Straighten some shelves.  Make toast.

Aahhh... the water's hot.  Now, for my very favorite thing.  That first cup of tea for the day.  Today I'm tasting an Organic Korakundah Estate Nilgiri.  Lovely.  May have to bring this one on board.  I like Nilgiri teas.  They are light and not too astringent.  Good any time of day, and a gentler, kinder morning tea than any breakfast blend.  A great way to start the day, to my notion.
So glad all the insanity of opening is finished.  Just finally got an OK from the city to put out our teapot sign.  This is much needed as our very large sign on the front of the building is blocked somewhat from both directions.  Still trying to get it official so that no-one else can come along and try to make me take it down again.  It's an enigma to me why a city would want to make life difficult for its small biz owners.  But, that's just the unfortunate reality in my town. 
The patio is bare, winter has come early this year.  But I'm brightened every time I look out and see the teapot telling all who drive by where they can get a good cup of tea.  Gearing up for the holidays--they'll be here soon!

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