Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birth of a Tearoom - Part 5

Pack, Move Out, Store, Find New Space, Build Infrastructure, Move In, Add Character
Finally--the fun begins!

We've started to move in all those things that make our space "Elaine's Tea Shoppe". Even though we had most of the basic fixtures and furniture in place last week, we've now started to bring our character in.  There's a front entryway where we mounted our old screen door.  That and a few prints warmed up that boring white space.

Next, we added our signature latticework to the front of the building.  It was so, so drab before--just aluminum and glass.  But after a brush of hunter green paint, the lattice really stands out. Can't wait until we get out sign on the brick above.

And then, we brought in my teapot collection.  And all of a sudden, it came alive!  I can't adequately describe the warmth and energy those teapots added to the space. 

Next came the two large hibiscus plants and our philodendrons.  We're crazy enough to regularly water real plants, just to make sure we get all that good chi that plants bring to a room.  The hibiscus are near and dear to me.  One was my mother's and the other was one she'd rooted and gave to me years ago. She passed in 1997, and I've kept them going all these years, though they haven't flowered in years.  Pot bound and I keep forgetting to feed them. But, in this new place, I'm bound and determined to get them to bloom.  They are double tropical blooms, and when they flower, they look like great big frilly reddish/pink roses.  They're beautiful, and when they do flower again, I will be posting photos to be sure.  

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