Friday, February 10, 2012

Mad Scientist Strikes Again!

One of the things I love to do is create new tea blends and so, I've been playing Mad Scientist again.  I've come up with a couple that I think are worthy of adding to our stash. 
One is Buddha's Chocolate Chai.  We've been wanting to add another Chai to the mix and some interesting flavor notes came to me one day.  This blend has rich chocolate blended with all the usual Chai spices, but also has a haunting note of grenadine, a favorite monk's imbibe.  It's a must to add milk and sugar, at least in my opinion, and I find myself rewarded with a rich, satisfying, and comforting cup.  Who needs dessert?

The other new concoction, just in time for Valentine's Day is JazzBerry Champagne.  This one is a white tea blended with just a touch of black tea for jazzed-up raspberry flavor.  Along side, you'll find the taste of juicy champagne grape.  I love the white teas for their delicacy and great punch of health benefits, and I'm especially liking the addition of just the right touch of flavor, making sure to not overwhelm the delicate tea.  What a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day! 

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