Friday, January 7, 2011

A Bite of Tea

A delightful gentleman came in the shop yesterday and, as people often do, started telling me Tea Tales from his childhood.  The one that made me laugh was this.  He often spent time with his grandfather, an avid and daily tea drinker. His grandfather didn't like anything too hot, so he would always take the first sips of tea by scooping out a teaspoonful and blow on it, then take it like one would take a bite of food from a spoon.  The child, wanting to mimic and enjoy tea like his grandfather had, finally asked, "Can I please have a bite of tea?"
To this day, every time he takes a sip of tea, he is taking a bite of tea with his grandfather.
This lovely teacup and spoon is from: One Painting a Day
Small Studies by Kellie Marian Hill

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