Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kimono Event with Japanese Sencha, and Fruit Sushi

Kimono Event with Kimono Expert Kerry Porter
October 3rd was a special day at the shop with our much anticipated kimono event guided by Kimono expert Kerry Porter.  She has studied Kimono and Japanese culture for many years, and shared with us lots of interesting details on both.  She showed off the many beautiful kimonos in her collection, most of which are made of high quality silks.  As gorgeous as the kimonos themselves, were the exquisite obis or the thick sash that ties elaborately at the waist of every kimono.  Guests also enjoyed 3 different Japanese teas: traditional Japanese Sencha, Genmaicha, aka Popcorn Tea because of the toasted rice blended in with sencha, which when it pops open looks like baby popcorns, and Kyoto Cherry Rose Sencha, and Fruit Sushi, aka Fruishi.
Photos below:  Some of our guests enjoying the fruishi and other dessert goodies served with their tea.  Next, Elaine with stunning Japanese fan.  Third photo, this was an opportunity for other ladies to show off their Kimonos.  Fourth photo, Karen modelling a lovely patterned green silk kimono with coordinating orange obi.


Rosemary said...

This looked like such fun! What a great tie-in for your tea room with the green tea tasting, kimonos, and fruit sushi! Wish I were closer!

Elaine said...

Thanks, Nancy. We had great fun. Wish I could visit your shops too. Perhaps some day.

Anonymous said...

These are some rather charming photos. Kimonos can be quite beautiful on the right woman. They're often the perfect style and color.